Alpha general volunteers

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Have you been thinking of ways to serve at CLBC? Whether you have been here for a long time or are a newcomer, we would like to use this opportunity to mobilize YOU to serve with us.

We are looking for volunteers for our upcoming Alpha series beginning September 8th, 2019 @10:45 every Sunday. You are uniquely gifted and there are many areas to serve. There is something for everyone. Please see below to see how you can serve. 

If you are looking to lead small group discussions, please visit the sign-up page specifically for hosts/helpers. Sign up to be a host/helper


Thank you and happy serving!



I am able to help out in the following ways! 

Please indicate how you would like to help. You may say YES to more than one. We will help sort out how you can serve best at the end according to the needs and contact you.