Alpha Hosts & Helpers

Become an Alpha Host or Helper


You are about to sign up to be a Host/Helper of an Alpha group! We trust that leading an Alpha group is one of the most exciting and meaningful experiences one may have with Jesus Christ.

Please carefully review the following definitions and requirements. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to reach out to


Alpha is about being real, relational, reliant on the Holy Spirit and reproducible by empowering others.
We use the terms ‘host’ and ‘helper’ because on Alpha it’s less about being a leader and more about helping facilitate a conversation. We want people to feel welcomed and included. The format is not teacher/student, but rather host/guest. Alpha recommends 2 hosts and 2 helpers in each group.


What Do Hosts and Helpers Do?
Simply put, hosts are the ones who facilitate the small group discussion.

Helpers are there to help the host and the guests with anything that might make the group experience even better. Helpers mostly stay quiet. They listen and pray silently as the discussion is unfolding.


Time commitment:

(11 sessions on Sunday, 10:45am-12:30pm)

Sep 8 - Is There More to Life Than This? 
Sep 15 - Who is Jesus? 
Sep 22 - How Can I Have Faith?
Sep 29 - Why and How Should I Pray?
Oct 6 - Why and How Should I Read the Bible?
Oct 13 - How Does God Guide Us?
Oct 20 - Who is the Holy Spirit?
Oct 27 - What Does the Holy Spirit Do?
Nov 3 - How Can I Resist Evil? 
Nov 10 - Why and How Should I Tell Others? 
Nov 17 - What About the Church?

Training Dates: 



Please kindly read the following documents before you consent.

CLBC Statement of Faith

CLBC Discipleship Pathway

CLBC Core Values