I want to a lead a Community Group (Spring 2019 Semester)

Spring Semester 2019 runs from 

Monday, January 14 to Sunday, May 12, 2019

About Your Group

Depending how it is written, the description you write for your group will either draw a person to connect with the group or become a turn-off. Put thought into your description so that it is warm and informative.
Add a personal touch and avoid wording that people don’t understand (so readers don’t feel like outsiders).
The description should:
• Clarify for the reader what type of person your group might appeal to
• Be inviting to people who don’t have a church background
• Include a sentence or two about the purpose of the group or what you’d like to accomplish
• If applicable, explain the content the group uses (such as curriculum or discussion of Pastors' message)
• Clarify how the group handles childcare (if the group is open to adults who may have children)

Tip: ex. 20-35

Tip: ex. 8:00-10pm

Group Meeting Location

If you do not wish to publish your location, either list the cross streets nearby, or specify to “contact leader for location” in the group description.


Tip: If yes, your group will be searchable in our website and/or promoted at our church. You can update this at any time by contacting the church

Next Steps

We will be in touch soon to provide more information and answer questions. If you are a new leader, we will ask you to complete a few forms including a volunteer application and a What We Believe statement.

Thank you for stepping up to lead a Community Group. We're excited to see what God has in store for you!