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Church Offering Summary

2020 Year-To-Date Offering Summary
General Offering


  Covid-19 Subsidy $47,281.33
  Expenses $197,646.17
  Surplus/Deficit $30,896.25
Mission Offering


  Budget $20,321.80
  Surplus/Deficit $110.20





Reimbursement Form and Process

Download Voucher Efile 2020

Summary of Steps

  1. Fill out the attached form
  2. Attach original receipts
  3. Get a Council Member to Sign the form
  4. Submit the form along with receipt to current Council Member for Finance (2019/2020 Council Member is Andy Chan <andykhchan@yahoo.com>)

Detailed Procedure

The expense is incurred to maintain the following:
  • Church operation such as outsource cleaning, repair and maintenance, lawn and snow shovelling, etc
  • Each ministry’s operation: piano tuning, hymns license, Sunday school material for both kid and adult, each outreach event
  • Fellowship ministry related expenses would be allowed such as speaker fee, outreach event.  
  • Can’t claim: for personal use or enjoyment, cannot be used as a benefit to an individual (or group of) brother(s) and /or sister(s).  Such as monetary gift, any kind of tangible and /or intangible gift, birthday gift, baptism gift, born again gift etc are not allowed
  • Receipts/invoices should be submitted with disbursement form with an authorized signature
  • Please submit all receipts in a reasonable time manner.   And all receipts for the year should be submitted no later than 30 days after year-end (December 31) of each year.  
Step for processing the claim
1.       You may fill in a hard copy of Disbursement form which is placed in the General Office or fills in the form in Excel format.  
2.       Please follow step 1 and 2.  
3.       Step 1: please click whether the cheque is payable to the vendor or you.  Please put the name of the vendor and your name (if it is for you)
4.       Step 2: Please fill in the date of receipt, description of items (for what purpose), amount, account code (which you may find in another tab).
5.       After filling in the form, please print it out if you use the one in Excel format.  Please attach the form with original receipt. This form is needed to be approved and signed by council member who is responsible for a specific ministry.
6.       The one who signs the disbursement form, need to review the receipt(s) and put the appropriate account that the charge should post to
7.       After the form is signed and approved, drop it off to treasurer’s mailbox
8.       Treasurer reviews the form and verifies amount on the form with the original receipt and ensure the account number is correct. After reviewing, put it into the red folder for the administrator to process it
9.       The administrator enters the information into the accounting system for the generation of a cheque.  Administrator ensures to put Journal Entry # and cheque no on the disbursement form.  
10.   Then, the administrator attaches the cheque with the disbursement form for Treasurer and Chair of the board for signature.   The cheque is needed for two signatures.  
Note: The one who signs the cheque cannot be the one issuing the cheque and the cheque is payable to.
Brother/sister cannot authorize expenses reimbursed to himself/herself.  It must be authorized by another council member/ designated person
11.   After the cheque is signed, the administrator will distribute the cheque and file the disbursement form with the original receipt and cheque stub.

Welcome to the app for our Church!

Hi there! I'd like to take the take to welcome to the beta test of this app called Elvanto. 

You are among the first to join up! Props to you for taking the first steps as an early adopter!

Well, Beta is Beta so it means to expect the following as you try out the app:

  • getting used to the navigation
  • a longer time to find features you're looking for
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  • not finding a feature you want (most things are configurable though)
  • slim chance to switch to a different app if this app turns out to not be our cup of tea 

Here's what you can do to help:

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